To join Google developer of Tesla

Google does not stop on the way avtopilotiruemyh production cars. According to previous rumors, the company has long been testing autonomous vehicles that participated in several road accidents. And given the fact that in all accidents cars did not cause the accident, the company can successfully continue the test.

To join Google developer of Tesla

Today it became known that Google managed to change to his team former manager software izheniringa Tesla, Robert Rose. Robert Rose has an impressive resume of engineer-programmer. He has worked at HP, has developed games for the Sony PSP, and has been a leading software developer SpaceX.

Rose quickly became director of Flight. In May last year, Rose joined the Tesla, to lead the team Autopilot.

According to his profile on LinkedIn, Rose left Tesla immediately after Autopilot 7.0 in October and a month later, we learn that he has joined the Google team.

According to rumors, it will not work on the car, and will be engaged in software development. This is confirmed by an entry in Google Robotics, where Rose is listed as a technical manager. This is the same position he held in the Tesla.

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