Unknown device from Samsung has gained 95972 points

Mysterious Samsung device has set a new record for the site of the popular benchmark AnTuTu, typing 95972 points. Unknown device was code codename SM-8508S.

Given that Samsung Note 5, according to recent leaks, scored 69702 points in the synthetic AnTuTu benchmark, we can be more confident that the SM-8508S is not a successor of the data Note the line of tradition.

Also, you can drop and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, because its processing power is not enough for it to gain almost 96 thousand points.

Unknown device from Samsung has gained 95972 points

Most likely, the current record holder is no more than a Samsung Galaxy S7, which the South Korean company has already begun to test. Of course, talking about the imminent announcement of the device is too early.

Soon the market will be released flagship smartphone Note 5 and S6 Edge +, and Samsung would not «slaughter» selling them.

That is «under the hood» in SM-8508S, obviously it has a great moschgost than Exynos 7420. There is a version that Samsung will return to work with Qualcomm and Snapdragon chipset used. Is this Galaxy S7 or not, it is impossible to ascertain, but the device is clearly promises to be productive.

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