Update adds Snooze Inbox settings

Although messengers growth as a global phenomenon for communication, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and these services are still nc can win the ubiquity of standardized old-fashioned e-mail.

Update adds Snooze Inbox settings

Google, as a major player in the space of e-mail, trying to create a simple email client that allows you to reach 0 incoming emails, mainly through the use of a simple backup, letters groups and Snooze function.

Snooze is one of letters differentiating characteristics. Just swipe left on the letter, and the options you set will be presented on how to postpone the re-notification of the letter: today, tomorrow, next week, or at any other time, place and date.

Now part of the Gmail team, and main developer Inbox, did some minor tweaking to Snooze. The update adds two sought-after options: “this week” and “on the weekend”.

You can also set the Snooze setting, which is considered the days of the weekend, the choice of available options shown below.

Update adds Snooze Inbox settings

Update is already available in Google Play, and soon, all users will be able to download it.

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