Update Chrome adds a warning window

Let’s not beat around the bush. While advertising and neobhodimva to support the work sites, yet it can be dangerous. This happens when you click on a link to purposefully deceitful advertising that tries to trick to persuade users to download malicious applications.

Update Chrome adds a warning window

Google understands this, and actively struggling with similar sites, in particular, in its own browser. Now, with the update to Google Chrome, the browser will warn users when they visit a site with misleading advertising, and have, for example, fake buttons content download.

Usually, you can find similar items in the file storage, with a request to establish some sort of video player upgrade your browser or any other program. They can be especially dangerous if you are looking for pirated Android-applications or games.

On the other hand, Google may thus block any sites, even if the content is not dangerous for the user.

In any case, as mentioned above, with the upgrade when you click on a suspicious link, you will see a warning message, and we advise you to heed such advice from Google.

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