Update for Android Wear brings many features

When Google announced the update for Android Marshmallow, the focus was on adding new gestures and support the speaker. However, it turns out, there are other possibilities, lurking in this update,

Update for Android Wear brings many features

According to the site the Motorola, the update brings with it the addition of new languages ​​(Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, Polish, Dutch and Thai) and support Doze mode, which will detect when your clock will be in a simple and put him in a state of deep sleep to save power .

Also update carries the add permissions for the application. Users simply enter the application settings and select the resolution, which wants to disable.

Now the device can set the date and time, independent from those of the conjugate smartphone. Added fukntsii zatemeneniya screen, which reduces the brightness of the display and puts the device in Ambient Display mode when the clock is not used, to save battery life and improved confidence.

All of these additions are not exclusive to the products from Motorola and are available for all devices that will receive the update. According to Motorola, the update will begin deployment in the next few days.

So that all users will have to be patient and keep your device charged at least 50%, to install the update.

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