Update Google Photos has cool features

Google Photos app updated to v1.10, but it seems like the majority of users would be difficult to find any changes. However, it seems there is one interesting feature that appeared for a very small number of users.

If certain conditions are met, users will be able to create a tiny floating shortcut Photos on the screen the camera application.

The label Photos will be displayed when the camera is running. At the same time, there will be a tiny miniature of the last picture taken. The same function appeared earlier this year in the Carousel application of Dropbox.

It is not clear how to make this function will appear. As with many Google products, this feature is probably available for a very limited number of users.

In addition, you can now delete photos stored on the SD card and other types of removable media. This is likely to be quite useful for many smartphones, in particular, Android One devices.

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