Update Google Play redesigned section carries books

Not so long ago on Google+ chief engineer of Google applications, Cyril Grushnikova, there was a record with screenshots of the new Google Play design. Now the Google app store posted an update that includes a few changes and latent functions.

Update Google Play redesigned section carries books

Products on Google Play has always been rather poorly organized. Slowly but surely, new ways of grouping elements began to appear. The most notable new feature appeared earlier this year with the theme films. Chapter books got a similar organization, having sorted by series.

For owners of devices with relatively limited available space, Play is going to monitor consumption. Several new lines indicate the size display applications near the installation or purchase buttons.

Game store has a complicated relationship with returns over the years. Now Google wants to ask a few questions to find out the reason for the return. Some of the new line show that after clawback Play requires an explanation why the user wants to return the money.

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