Updated Google+ goodbye to Google+ Photos

Google+, as well as other Google applications from time to time receive updates. Some of them are minor and Fix minor bugs, bring some major changes in design and functionality. Google+ update to version 6.1 for all sections of the application with Google Photos.

Updated Google+ goodbye to Google+ Photos

As described above, Google has started to be removed from Google+ features photos so that users can no longer gain access to Photos from the application. Following the submission of a separate service for photos, the need for such a function in Google+ disappeared by itself. Since Google Photos presentation took several months, so that sooner or later it had to happen.

removal «rudiment» improved application rate and reduced its weight by about 20%. Google+ now takes only 21.1 MB, instead of 28 MB, as it was before.

Of course, some of these innovations may seem inconvenient, because it is always better to use a single application instead of two. But, on the other hand, these actions will help to expand the capabilities of each of the applications, not loading it superfluous code, which is conducive to its smooth and fast operation. Download the updated Google+ is by clicking this link.

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