Updates Gmail will unsubscribe and block unwanted mailing

Today, Google introduced the latest updates Gmail for Android. The app gets two novy functions, which should help the user’s mailbox is less clogged with useless messages.

Updates Gmail will unsubscribe and block unwanted mailing

Firstly, there was a function «blocked sender». If the user does not want to see emails from a specific address and the sender is going to block unwanted emails, it is necessary to open any message, press Menu, where it will be in this function.

Once the option is selected, all subsequent letters to zablokirovannogj addresses will go straight to the spam folder, and, accordingly, will not be disturbed. Opportunity is now available for your website Gmail and will appear in the All Android-application next week.

Function «unsubscribe» available for the online version of the postal service, but Google announced that it, too, soon gets to Android. As the name implies, this function allows the user to easily disable certain mailing lists directly from the application. Just on the menu and select the function «unsubscribe» while watching this mailing.

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