Updates YouTube has several hidden options

Google is again in a hurry to please us updates. This time, the changes undergone application of the popular video service YouTube. Of course, the new version is not so many innovations in the program but some hidden features that are found in the future can be made available to all.

Updates YouTube has several hidden options

For starters, YouTube has undergone some cosmetic changes. For example, the program said goodbye with a check mark in the settings, instead they now appeared the familiar Android Lollipop switches. Also changed profile «video offline», Now called «stored video». Video menu was The adjusted in accordance with changes in the section.

Let’s talk about the hidden functions. The code appeared line application «namedenable_vr_if_supported»And this means that in the future the application will support virtual reality helmets.

And given the fact that in March, Google announced support for 360-degree video, the development towards a virtual reality helmet looks like a logical step.

Also, the line found on YouTube »
Set Playback Speed
Speed»That hints at the possibility of variably accelerate the speed of video playback in the application for Android.

Apparently, in the future we are waiting for an interesting option, but you can download an updated application by clicking this link.

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