Updating Firefox add family functions

For the Android operating system is the set of browsers, but the most popular options for the past few years and remain so to this day. One of them is, of course, Firefox from Mozilla.

Updating Firefox add family functions

If Firefox is your primary browser on mobile devices, we have great news for you. Mozilla published an update application to v45, which is a few additions and changes. And one of them – the family the option of using the program.

Family Mode necessarily attract the attention of the parents or those who share their device with the younger members of the family. Feature allows users to disable the sharing of cameras and microphones in the admin interface.

So you can disable the ability to engage in real-time communication on the web sites. Mozilla is also implemented to help users to save data.

In addition, there was an option to download the image, which users will be able to choose which images they want to download the Internet. If you are interested in using this feature, it can be found in the additional menu settings.

Finally, Mozilla has also added the ability to block .onion-domains at the DNS-level. Firefox browser updates have been released, but while it may not be visible to all users.

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