Updating Google Crome change the design of the bookmarks bar

Google continues to improve its application, gradually introducing them Material Design elements. With Chrome update to version 47, the changes relate to the bookmarks bar.

The latest version of Chrome stable build for Android, an opportunity to activate the check box that can enable or disable the interface to another bookmark manager.

The function can be enabled in the setup flags page: chrome: // flags / # enhanced-bookmarks-experiment.

The new interface replaces the address bar at the top of the page tabs with pull-out menu “hamburger”As in most other applications from Google.

Nested links replace a bookmark folder in the sidebar. The menu for each tab by pressing duty was replaced by a special button on the right side of the screen.

Some users have already seen this change when you upgrade, while others need to manually turn it on via the menu flags. This means that the Google, wants to test user reaction to the new layout.

This design meets the guideline from Google, so it would not be surprising if this layout will be enabled by default in future releases.

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