Updating Google Fit adds optimization for Android Wear

One of the worst things in the fitness applications is that they often require users to focus on the smartphone screen. This can cause a pretty big inconvenience, especially for people who keep their phones in their pockets closed, without easy access to the display.

Updating Google Fit adds optimization for Android Wear

Last updated Fit can save many people from having to use a smartphone. Members Android Wear can now start and stop activity trackers directly from the gadget.

The application for a smartphone, has not received any significant changes, so this update is intended mostly for Android Wear. The application is a companion appeared tab “Start Activity”Which will allow you to start one of the few occupations.

Any of the usual activities can be activated by pressing, then the timer will start its countdown. Also occupation may be suspended or stopped.

At the end of Fit will display information about the results of training, namely: duration, calories burned, distance, average pace, and total number of steps.

Default Timer screen displays the total time, distance, and the total number of steps (or speed in cycling mode). If you decide that you’d better switch to another set of measurements that can be done swipe. Options include: calories, distance, duration, pace, steps, and time of day.

This is a good step in the optimization of the interface for Android Wear, which are becoming increasingly popular in the fitness exercises.

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