Updating Google Photos can save device memory

Google Photos for Android has received two new functions. “Googler”John Elstoun on Google+ announcing a new option, which helps free up space on the device.

Updating Google Photos can save device memory

After the upgrade, in the program settings button appears “free space”. This option will give users the ability to delete photos that have been added to the Google Photos cloud.

Also, users of the backup feature of his photographs became available in uncompressed “original quality”That also will remove the photos from the device when the memory on your smartphone will be filled.

The second improvement, fixes a problem that has been associated with the inability to remove some of the photos on the SD-card.

For Google Photos web users an opportunity to reduce the quality of the original to a high quality. Earlier, during a new download photos automatically lowered from the original to the high quality, update resolves this problem.

Upgrade to Google Photos will soon be available on Google Play, so it remains to expect notice.

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