Updating Google Photos help hide photo

Google held a press event last month, which talked about a few interesting new features planned for its own photo application. We are still waiting for collaborative albums, and has already seen other features, such as support for Chromecast and adding annotations to photos.

Updating Google Photos help hide photo

The new version does not provide joint albums, but it adds another facial recognition component – the ability to hide anyone.

If the user has some photos from complete strangers, such as group shots in the stands at a sporting event or in a bar, it is now possible to clean the application from them. It should be noted that the option will not permanently delete photos from certain individuals, but simply hides them from the list.

To use the option, press the button «Search» and hold on any photo that you want to hide. This activates the interface in which as many people as you need can be selected. To finish, you need to click on the item «Hide»Located on the right side panel actions. It is also possible to cancel the action.

Restore hidden people too easily. Simply click on the drop-down menu and select «Hide and show the people». Select any hidden picture to fully restore it, then press «Done» to exit this mode.
Update is now available on Google Play.

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