Upgrade Google Maps show hotels services

Inside the recent Google Maps update the code revealed that soon will appear in the application list of hotels. Google has not made us wait a long time in the search results, you can see a list of many hotels, as well as their convenience.

Upgrade Google Maps show hotels services

Not all hotels are the same. Some of them have bars, some of them have a gym, and some of them even have a spa.

If the user just need a place to stay for the night, these things would not matter, but if the user wants to take a vacation, this information is crucial for recreation.

Google Maps now makes the search a little easier by providing the opportunity to see what is available in hotels, before settling in one of them.

Facilities appear below with the information about the hotel and link to the booking. Pressing «extras»It opens the full list of amenities. Missing services appear lighter gray.

Several key facilities will also be displayed in the search results. Search will show if available at the hotel free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

It does not provide all the details, but the convenience is certainly the most widely demanded, and nice to know if they are available.

As always, Google Maps update will be available on Google Play shortly.

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