Upgrade Google Maps will quickly add location

One of the coolest features is the Google Maps Street View, which allows the user to view the desired location. But what if there is no location in Google Maps. application update will fix this problem.

Upgrade Google Maps will quickly add location

Now Google Maps has appeared label to add restaurants, shops, bars, restaurants and other necessary places. The function is accessible from the side panel, so there is no need to look for it.

Another innovation was the pleasant Street View icon on the navigation screen. Now, if the user is in a location that was completely photographed, when navigating in this location icon will appear with the image of the street, allowing you to easily switch to view it.

Finally, in the settings menu option navigation audio testing, the only purpose of which is to test the navigation sound volume.

This will help users to adjust the volume of the voice before the trip, so that there was no need to mess around with sound during the trip.

Updates will be available on Google Play shortly.

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