US Mobile has not concluded a deal with Xiaomi and Meizu

Yesterday, the network has information that the Meizu and Xiaomi selling their smartphones via US Mobile operator. Today, however, it turned out that the information is untrue.

US Mobile has not concluded a deal with Xiaomi and Meizu

The fact that the US Mobile really sells smartphones Xiaomi and the Meizu, but does so without the knowledge of the companies using the another importer in China.

The representative told reporters Xioami IBTimes, that they had nothing to do with the US operator initiative. Now Xiaomi has no plans to sell smartphones via any authorized distributors in the United States. Thus, US Mobile has no right to sell products in the US company Xiaomi.

At the same time Xiaomi offers only a small selection of accessories for sale in the US through its online store, and as smart phones, the company has to face challenges such as patent disputes, which slows down the Xiaomi access to larger markets.

When the representative was asked what actions they are going to take to block sales of its smartphones in the US US Mobile operator, he declined to comment.

While Meizu did not comment on the news, but most likely, the company will express an opinion in the near future.

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