Variation Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can get Micro SD

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 revolved around a single detail – whether the device will be supported by Micro SD. It would seem that the absence of slots at the last leak was to put an end to all disputes, but apparently the memory card lovers all is not lost. 

Variation Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can get Micro SD

For example, a recent report from Taiwan, says that dual-SIM version of the upcoming PHABLET really get a slot for memory expansion.

One possible problem is that the dual-SIM version of the flagships have been reserved for certain markets and to get them, not living in these countries, it is difficult, so you may need to resort to informal channels for the purchase of a smartphone.

The buyer needs to decide what is a priority for him – the official service and warranty, or, for example, the music collection at 128 GB per Galaxy Note 5.

Of course, how well the information is not sounded, everything is nothing more than rumors. Until now, no photos demonstrating slot. But be that as it may, the best option would be to simply wait 5 days before the official announcement on 13 August.

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