Viber for Android has received a major upgrade

The popular cross-platform service for the exchange of messages Viber updated their All Android-application. Update brings many improvements and adds new features.

Viber for Android has received a major upgrade

On the market there are a number of messenger application for those who want to communicate for free, but Viber is one of the few services that offers applications for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and even Nokia.

Viber update will improve the quality of voice and video calls, messages will increase the speed of delivery, and also adds the ability to preview links that are sent to the chat.

A full list of changes is as follows:

  • Added ability to send contact information
  • Now you can start a video call from the user’s contact page, or from a list of recent calls
  • Added the ability to invite all participants to subscribe to the correspondence group Public Chat
  • Now you can see the contents of links sent to you before you open it
  • Added new payment methods

Of course, Viber is not the ideal messenger. In it there are some significant disadvantages, for example, is not possible to prohibit the reception of messages from numbers that are not in your contacts list, thus users are not protected against spam. But Viber team is working hard in order to provide users with the desired function.

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