Video with a possible Huawei Nexus has flowed into the network

Huawei has recently confirmed that announces flagship Huawei Mate is August 2nd of September at IFA in Berlin. Previously, the network has a video that shows us the device, which is expected to Mate 8, but at the same time, we know that Huawei is preparing a new Nexus. Now, the network video appeared demonstrating a new device from Huawei in black case.

Video with a possible Huawei Nexus has flowed into the network

9-Second Recording It shows that the smartphone body is extremely thin, about 7 mm. The back cover is slightly rounded with a curved, which should ensure a comfortable grip. The main camera is traditionally placed on top of the back of the smartphone, is located underneath the fingerprint scanner.

Of interest is the connector at the bottom of the smartphone. He’s like no one of USB-ports, which we have seen in recent times, even on the USB Type-C. Could this be a new magnetic port? Perhaps, but we can not be completely sure of this. We can only give a statement Huawei, according to which the new flagship will bring cutting-edge technologies that have surprised the world.

Another interesting part of the device is  white button on the side. It stands out from the body and looks like a function key.

Also, it does not seem that the smartphone is made of metal. Instead, Huawei has seems to be using plastic or polycarbonate.

What the new Nexus or still Mate 8? In any case, we now have two different devices that will debut at the IFA show in Berlin this year. And it is worth to wait for the exhibition, to see exactly what prepares Huawei.

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