Videos from Google hints at the refusal of the application menu

Not so long ago, the network appeared rumors that Google is going to remove the application menu in the next version of the Android operating system. And the evidence for this is still not there, thanks to the new video we have more and more confidence there is in the fact that this can happen.

Videos from Google hints at the refusal of the application menu

Google recently published a tweet with a promotional video features Google Maps. But if you stop the movie in the first two seconds, then the Nexus 6P will be visible without the application menu. Of course, we should not exclude that the video depicts not the exact layout, but there is a detail that indicates the opposite.

In addition to icons on the main screen we can see the docking bar, which housed the phone shortcuts, contacts and camera. If you use Google Now Launcher, you know that the applications menu icon can not be moved or deleted – its change is blocked.

Does this mean that Android update will provide us with a different approach to the organization of the application? We do not know. If Google refuses the application menu, we hope they can provide an alternative that will help us to quickly reach the applications, not cluttered desktop at the same time.

Perhaps we shall see something new, such as a menu or swipe opening a separate tab, which will open when scrolling upwards. We can only wait for new leaks, which could clarify something.

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