Volume 5 Battery Galaxy Note and Galaxy S6 Edge + became known

Prior to the presentation of new Samsung PHABLET left a few hours. For the whole week insiders delighted us with new information leakage and the appearance of smartphones. It seems that even in the run-up to the announcement likstery not going to stop, revealing new details about the devices.

It is known that both the Galaxy will feature panels on 3,000 mAh. The information was confirmed Evan Blass (commonly known as @evleaks). This information is likely to be a major disappointment.

Volume 5 Battery Galaxy Note and Galaxy S6 Edge + became known

Battery capacity for the two devices is quite an important feature, considering that the battery is not removable. So, naturally, that the user’s hoping to get as large a capacity as possible.

Thus, Note 5 will be the first representative of the lineup, who will receive a smaller battery than its two immediate predecessors.

This does not necessarily mean that PHABLET will work less Note 4 and Note 3. The new Galaxy will be powered by the Samsung Exynos 7420, which is more energy efficient.

Displays are another likely area for improving energy consumption. Samsung has already successfully reduced power consumption with each generation Super AMOLED-display.

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