Waterproof Zeblaze Crystal confirmed on video

Not so long ago the company announced Android Wear Zeblaze-clock called Zeblaze Crystal. «Clever» Watches will be available for the international market price of $ 79.99. Many questions could arise regarding the protection of the gadget from water, as specified in the standard IP65 accessory characteristics. Zeblaze decided to dispel these doubts.

Waterproof Zeblaze Crystal confirmed on video

Today, the company has posted a video in which demonstrates the behavior of hours after a dive at a shallow depth. The video clearly shows that the Zeblaze Crystal continues to function even after a short swim.

Also in the video it shows that the device has a heart rate monitor, which is not worse accuracy than the Apple Watch. So it can be safely used during exercise to monitor their performance.

As is known, Zeblaze Crystal is positioned as a new generation of handheld devices in China. Hours seem to be more accurate and offer a variety of useful functions for everyday use paired with a smartphone.

With video smartphone dive into the water and test the heart rate monitor you can read below.

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