What applications the drivers want to use in the car



Analysts in the survey Apps in the Car 2015 motorists surveyed and found their opinions about preferences in the software their iron horses.

What applications the drivers want to use in the car

The appearance on the market of systems for the automotive media from the two giant companies – Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto – aroused interest in the development of applications for motorists. This was the question of how such systems are in demand among motorists, and what programs they would like to use in the car.

For this analyst firm IHS Automotive conducted research Apps in the Car. The survey was conducted among respondents in the US, UK, Germany and China.

It turned out that only 25% of respondents want to use mobile applications in the future vehicle for information and entertainment. Next, respondents were asked to select all the same applications that could be useful for motorists. They had to choose the most 4 «a usable» functional areas for automotive programs.

The most necessary for motorists were found to use the touchscreen function car multimedia systems for navigation, information display and entertainment, make calls without having to take the phone in hand, as well as the ability to play music from your mobile device and the use of social networks. All these features are somehow implemented Android Auto.

What applications the drivers want to use in the car

Motorists want to use applications for navigation (53%) view the weather (40%), listening to music (38%), visits to news feeds (33%) and social networks (29%).

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