What’s new in Android M?

Yesterday was the conference first day Google I / O 2015, where the OS has been presented Android M!

This version will be soon available, but it is worth it to try only to developers, the release of the operating system will take place in October or November this year.

What’s new for users to bring Android M? It’s no secret that the version of Android 5.0 Lollipop out not quite stable. A huge number of bugs related to memory leakage, accidental fall of the system, gaps in the notifications and much more. The OS Android M will be primarily carried out work on the bugs to improve the stability of the platform.

One of the innovations Android M will be what the user can configure permissions to the application. For example, you can force the camera is turned off in the Skype application or to view your contacts.

What's new in Android M?

The second innovation Android M include work on power. Google Developers promise to increase the autonomy of the devices almost in 2 times!

What's new in Android M?


The third innovation in the Android M is an appearance in OS global payments system – Android Pay.

What's new in Android M?

Also, the Android OS is now a version of M system will scan a fingerprint, to increase the protection of personal data. Developers will be provided by the API, so that they can implement scanning support when logging into the application.

What's new in Android M?

The last of the visible changes for users will be that you will be able to change the design theme with a light on the dark.

What's new in Android M?

Closer to the release may occur even new functionality, as we will immediately notify.

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