Wireless charger from Qualcomm will charge any metal smartphone

Qualcomm Technologies Inc today announced that solved the problem of wireless charging smartphones metal.

Wireless charger from Qualcomm will charge any metal smartphone

Currently, if the manufacturers want to build wireless charging into the device, it was necessary to limit itself in the choice of materials and the thickness of the devices used in the construction of vehicles. Qualcomm has said it has taken care of the problem of charging metal smartphones, moreover, smartphones with metal bumpers, using its new operating time – WiPower.

WiPower Rezence uses technology – a combination of standard wireless charging A4WP and PMA.

WiPower allows you to charge your smartphone at a short distance from the charger to charge multiple devices simultaneously as well as to charge the device in metal bumpers.

This technology will allow manufacturers to expand the list of materials used for its premium devices. And considering that Qualcomm is a leader in providing solutions for mobile devices, the introduction of technology in WiPower Soup on the Snapdragon, the days of wireless charging standard Qi may be numbered. The demonstration features from Qualcomm WiPower technology, you can watch the video below.

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