With Google Play, discovered a new malicious software

With Google Play, discovered a new malicious software

This week the FCC and FTC have announced that they are going to take a closer look at the updates by manufacturers of security systems and carriers. It seems that this infinitive is becoming increasingly justified as the company Check Point has been detected a new virus, dubbed Viking Horde.

With Google Play, discovered a new malicious software

The name of an exploit has been chosen because of the ability to use the infected mobile devices as part of a large botnet, as well as the ability to use different ways to install malicious code.

Firstly, it is malware, as it turned out, there is a number of applications that are available for download on Google Play. However, the current list of known infected application is limited to only five and includes a Viking Jump, Wi-Fi Plus, Memory Booster, Parrot Copter Simple and 2048.

Importantly, this list should not be equated to the final number of applications that may be affected, but a number of applications in which the malware was detected. The good news is that Google is already aware of the existence of malware and these applications have been removed from Google Play.

Once the malware is installed, unbeknownst to the owner of the device it is able to initiate the use of fake advertising and spam and also has the potential for DDoS-attacks. In addition, the developers note that devices with access to the root partition are more vulnerable to the more vulnerable.

However, owners of devices without Root-access should also be careful, because the Viking Horde quite dangerous for conventional smartphones and tablets.

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