With Google Play update found hidden functions

Preparing to release Android 6.0 Marshmallow is in full swing. Update Google Play confirmation, since the majority of the innovations that are now only found in the code, but not implemented, it is focused on this version. But about all in order.

With Google Play update found hidden functions

We know that Android 6.0 will get native support for fingerprint readers, it is not surprising that Google Play will also support this feature. Now, at the time of purchase instead of entering a password, the user will be asked to confirm your actions with the help of a fingerprint.

Weight of the latest applications is increasing at a high speed. And along with all the content is often user quickly loses space. Google is aware of this and plans to help some of the basic management functions and presents a feature called «uninstall manager»That will make it easy to pick up «weighty» application and remove them directly into the application.

About three years ago, Google Play began experimenting with recommendations from friends and locations. Now, it seems, and this opportunity came promotion. A new option will enable or disable the use of «exact location»To generate recommendations.

While this is all the innovations that have been found, it has to wait until Google implements them.

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