WordPress supports Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google has big plans for it to make the Internet on your mobile phone faster. Today, the company added a page that supports AMP in the mobile search results. And one of the first companies to support the new format is WordPress.

WordPress supports Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP (also known as accelerated Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source, which borrows some ideas from Instants Articles of Facebook, and makes the technology accessible to all.

Page-enabled AMP loaded four times faster, and it can be useful when you are in an environment with poor signal reception.

WordPress team has long monitored the project and worked on their own implementation of the AMP. Starting today, any site on WordPress.com now automatically supports the technology.

For resident WordPress-sites there are various hooks in the code, which will help you configure AMP-template. The company continues to work on a simple interface for configuring WordPress-sites.

As with all components, which are typically slow down web pages, such as embedding, the JavaScript-content or Flash, WordPress deletes the contents of the AMP. Default Comments are also connected.

Adding AMP is great news, as 25% of websites powered by WordPress.

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