Xiaomi a leader in the Chinese market

While Xiaomi did not achieve the plans, data from experts and analysts say that Xiaomi still remains the largest smartphone maker in China.

Xiaomi a leader in the Chinese market

According to the study, the company sold 67.5 million units, ahead of his nearest rival Huawei, which shipped 62.2 million units. Apple has secured a third place in the country, and Vivo and OPPO – fourth and fifth places respectively.

Although, Xiaomi still holds the first place in China, Huawei now looks the fastest growing of the two manufacturers. The growth of smartphone sales increased by 51%. Sales Xiaomi increased by only 17%, while OPPO Vivo and showed an increase of 52% and 49%.

Interestingly, the study notes that the average selling price of smart phones Huawei rose from $ 216 to $ 306 last year, while the price of Xiaomi devices fell from $ 189 to $ 149.

In general, the Chinese smartphone market grew by only 3.4%, the minimum rate to date. In combination with the large growth of the leading manufacturers, it is said that a number of other players were ousted from the Chinese market.

Samsung with its market share updated lows in Q4 2015, according to experts, it fell from 11.6% to 7.8% per cent over one year.

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