Xiaomi against a microSD slot in the flagship



Vice-president Xiaomi Hugo Barra said the microSD card bad effect on the operation of smartphones and soon will go into oblivion. That is why the Chinese company never to place slot in the flagship.

Previously, users of Android-devices mocked «Yabloko»Which is limited in its internal memory the complete absence of the possibility of its expansion, because the slot microSD was built into any «green robot» a priori.

Xiaomi against a microSD slot in the flagship

Now the practice has changed, and many top manufacturers of Android-smartphone smartphone owners deprived of the benefits of civilization, as the use of expandable memory. This is especially true flagship lines with a large amount of internal memory and a corresponding price to them. For example, you can not expand the memory of any new flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, no Google Nexus devices.

Users see this as a financial benefit for the companies producing smartphones, which simply need to sell the flagship, for example, with 64GB of internal memory, for $ 100 more expensive than allow a person to buy a cheaper modification and equip its card microSD, which is worth a penny.

However, the vice-president of the Chinese company Xiaomi Hugo Barra has put forward a very different explanation for the phenomenon of the disappearance of slots  microSD flagship smartphones. According to him, the use of such cards in the high-performance device is invalid, because they increase the power of the smartphone, a negative impact on its appearance and ergonomics. He believes that it is better to take the place of additional slot for SIM-card.

In addition, Hugo Barra is worried that a user may run into a fake card, which quickly will become worthless and will result in human rabies. He, in turn, is to blame for all the troubles of any innocent flagship instead throw its «singed» microSD and buy the product is not normal for 5 bucks. Interesting, is not afraid of whether Xiaomi, that user will buy a poor-quality SIM-card and will be nervous when she stops working? Perhaps, in this case should be abolished slots for SIM-cards in smartphones as a dangerous phenomenon?

Anyway, Xiaomi is categorically not going to build in slot  microSD in its flagships.

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