Xiaomi can develop new market segments

Xiaomi has already shown that they are no longer just a manufacturer of smartphones. It is well known that the Chinese brand produces many other devices, including a hoverboard, air purifiers and many more.

Xiaomi can develop new market segments

This gives reason to believe that Xiaomi wants to diversify its range of offerings, and intends to enter the market in robotics and virtual reality.

The most well-known manufacturers of smart phones, including Samsung, HTC, OnePlus and even LeTV have VR-products whether complete headset or a copy of Google Cardboard.

In Xiaomi has every chance to succeed in this segment, as pricing and the quality of other products indicates that the company will be able to create a pretty attractive device.

Of course, now for Xiaomi more pressing question is how will be perceived Xiaomi Mi5, so in the next few weeks, we do not know whether will meet Xiaomi conquer other market segments.

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