Xiaomi develop its own mobile processor



Chinese smartphone manufacturer wants to set their devices to the processors of its own production.

Xiaomi develop its own mobile processor

The idea of ​​smartphone manufacturers to install in their devices exclusive specially designed processors is not new. Its processors produce Apple, Samsung, LG and Huawei.

Examples of these major producers have decided to follow the Chinese Xiaomi. In recent years, their products out to the world market and has pleased customers around the globe. This breakthrough provided the manufacturer is not only phenomenal earnings, but also with the iron supply problems. Qualcomm and MediaTek can no longer cope with the supply of processors for smartphones of the company, so it was decided to provide themselves with their own.

To do this, Xiaomi is going to cooperate with the Chinese company, a manufacturer of chips Leadcore. It will provide not only the production of processors, but also provide the necessary technology and patents.

Incidentally, the collaboration with Leadcore company kills two birds with one stone: it provides an exclusive iron and solves problems with patents that led to the scandal in India in the past year. As Leadcore is a subsidiary of Datang Telecom, which is engaged in the development of new telecommunication standards, working with the first give Xiaomi impressive package of patents for LTE, LTE-A and other technologies.

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