Xiaomi develop new markets

Upon receipt of the set of accolades, Xiaomi plans to enter the entertainment industry. That is, selling 70 million smartphones in 2015, the technology giant from China transferred his attention to other markets.

Xiaomi develop new markets

Until now Xiaomi produced a variety of devices, it’s popular smartphones, tablets, TVs, portable electronic gadgets, air filters, kamerf surveillance and more. The list is endless.

But in 2016 Xiaomi wanted to go to uncharted horizons and enter into partnerships with well-known media group Huayi Brothers Star, to try his hand at cinema.

Specifically, the Xiaomi will focus on script writing and development of new talent in the entertainment industry. The Chinese film industry has gained popularity worldwide and acquired a lot of viewers around the world. And, apparently, the company is going to make it much better.

Hopefully, Xiaomi will be able to succeed with their new experiment.

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