Xiaomi entered into a patent agreement with Qualcomm

Developed markets such as the US, are very competitive when it comes to patents, and therefore, companies need a strong patent portfolio, if it plans to enter the market. Technology giant Chinese company Xiaomi, entered into a patent license agreement with Qualcomm.

Xiaomi entered into a patent agreement with Qualcomm

Currently, the company mainly uses chipsets from Qualcomm and MediaTek. Thus, the conclusion of a patent agreement with Qualcomm will help the company expand its presence in other markets.

Also conclude patent license agreement with Qualcomm’s, which has a large patent pool, Xiaomi protect against potential lawsuits.

Under the deal, Xiaomi will produce devices that will be used by Qualcomm in 3G and 4G modem, which is a win-win for both brands situatsiets.

The deal may also increase the chances of companies in the production of its own chipsets. We heard from a few

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