Xiaomi may provide MIUI 7 August 16

Despite the fact that Xiaomi produces a variety of electronic gadgets and appliances, we should not forget that the company started as a software developer, namely, firmware MIUI – a modified version of Android, complement and extend its capabilities.

Xiaomi may provide MIUI 7 August 16

MIUI covers the whole range of smartphones and tablets Xiaomi, and its current version 6 is supported by most mobile devices company.

MIUI v6 is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is not the latest version «green robot». Everything goes to the fact that Xiaomi is ready to upgrade your operating system to the latest version of Android, and announces it on 16 August.

It seems, Xiaomi «rotated» on that date, since August 16 – the day when the company announces a variety of events, making generous discounts on their products. Just 16 August 2014 was announced MIUI 6, which gives us hope for a firmware update in three weeks.

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