Xiaomi Mi 5 subjected to tests of strength

Xiaomi Mi 5 subjected to tests of strength

Xiaomi Mi 5 is one of the popular Chinese flagships on the market and even after almost two months after the release of the smartphone is still not available for sale. The housing is made of glass and metal, which should, in fact, to make it durable. However, if you think that the device is difficult to bend, then you will probably be disappointed.

Xiaomi Mi 5 subjected to tests of strength

The video starts with a conventional scratch test, which shows the well-behaved smartphone. Gorilla glass on both the front and rear panels protect the smartphone to a large extent can not be said of the aluminum frame, which has received a few scratches.

However, when it came to bending test, it is surprising that the Xiaomi Mi 5 was so easy to break. Given the right amount of pressure, you can easily split the device into two with his bare hands.

As a reviewer says this is because the company used conventional aluminum body and instead of lasting, which is used by other manufacturers. Also, most manufacturers use a dual frame design, which increases the rigidity of the device, which Xiaomi did not.

It seems that the company ispolzovada cost-effective materials in the device, thereby reducing its cost. However, this is not necessarily a big disadvantage, given that the smartphone is unlikely to fall under this kind of pressure. So for most people, this should not be a big concern.

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