Xiaomi Mi5 been disassembled

Without a doubt, Xiaomi Mi5 was a hit at this year’s MWC show. This is not surprising, given the stylish design of the smartphone, an impressive listing of specifications and the traditionally low price tag.

Xiaomi Mi5 been disassembled

Being so popular it is not surprising that prototypes come to different obzorschikov. And now a smartphone in the hands of IT168, which was subjected to disassemble the device.

Before we get to the pictures, here are some of the most interesting observations made by technicians. For a start, dismantle confirms the lack of a microSD card slot on the device. However, smart supports two SIM in 4G + (LTE-A), as well as NFC-chip, which is clearly visible in one of the photographs.

It should also be noted that disassembly is embedded in three stages. Parts of above and below the battery can be removed by deleting the reference screws, tapping additional charges and details.

Cards supported metal frame and Snapdragon processor 820 thermal substance is covered. But other than that there is no additional cooling, which means that, Qualcomm must have done a good enough job with the Snapdragon 820 in terms of heat dissipation.

Also, the smartphone comes with a compact lithium-ion polymer battery 3000 mAh. Technicians say that you can replace it yourself without much trouble, but the process will void the warranty.

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