Xiaomi Mi6 with Snapdragon 835 will release in March

Xiaomi Mi6 with Snapdragon 835 will release in March

It’s definitely some kind of deja vu.

It seemed that only a rumor from China claimed that the Oppo Find out in March with a Snapdragon 835 under the hood. Well, it was exposed, but it seems to have left another Chinese smartphone that is actually in March will receive a Qualcomm chip, the great and terrible.

Yes, talking about Mi 6. According to one analyst to iSuppli, this will be the first Chinese gadget with the upcoming chipset, and release it at about the same time as samsungovsky S8 – the model will also refer to the action of S835.

Of course, this information has not been verified, and it is important to emphasize that it is taken from the personal page Weibo expert iSuppli. Thus, this “prediction” does not necessarily reflect the views of his employer. On the other hand, about 5 Mi announced in February this year and released in April, so the appearance of a model with six numbers approximately one year later, there would be at least how shocking.

Sure, Xiaomi has recently released “five”, but it seems some Chinese companies, for example, OnePlus, switch to the release cycle of the two flagships per year.

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