Xiaomi patented own drone

Some time ago we told you that Xiaomi may enter the drone market, and now the patent gives us some idea of ​​what to expect this year.

Xiaomi patented own drone

UAVs are still the largest segment biznesv around the world, and China is the leading country. The most notable producer quadrocopter drones and the DJI is considered, which is based in Shenzhen, but at the same time there are many other Chinese manufacturers of drones (Walkera, Eachine and so on. D.).

With the popularity and increasing sales for quadrocopters, not surprisingly, Xiaomi, as has been rumored to be working on a similar product.

Obviously, Xiaomi were close to launch drone in another one last year, but decided it was not worth it, because their products looked too similar to the DJI model, but the idea is to produce its own drones has not left the company.

The patent shows how xiaomi not drone, developed by a team of Chinese RC, could be used in future xiaomi Mi Band to track the user and the technology is already in use by dji.

Rumors about Mi Dron suggest that the device will include a camera and will be priced at about 699 yuan ($ 106). There are also rumors of a limited number of 10,000 such drones already in production, and we can see the start with Xioami Mi5.

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