Xiaomi posted sales results

Xiaomi finally disclosed the information, how many smartphones were sold last year. Nearly.

Xiaomi posted sales results

The company said in a statement today that they have sold “more than 70 million” devices in 2015. This is a 15 percent jump from 61 million in sales in 2014, but less than 80 million sales plans for 2015 – which has been reduced from the original strips in 100 million devices.

Now Xiaomi was under pressure from the media and the valuation of the company at $ 45 billion is being questioned. When reporters asked the representatives of Xiaomi about the exact figure, they refused to provide it.

Analysts generally agreed that a rival Chinese manufacturer of smartphones, Huawei has overshadowed Xiaomi in terms of sales in 2015.

Wall Street Journal recently reported that Huawei has become the first Chinese company that has shipped more than 100 million smartphones a year, showing a 44% increase in shipments.

Nevertheless, Xiaomi announced that they, and not Huawei, were “top smartphone maker in China by market share in 2015”.

although Huawei «won» on the volume of shipments, Huawei has discloses the shipment, and Xiaomi sells to end-users.

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