Xiaomi shared their plans to enter the US market

A few months ago, the vice-president, Hugo Barra, hinted that Xiaomi plans to enter the US market. However, at that time, he was not handed out any time frame for the launch in the country. Now there are more details about the company’s plans.

Xiaomi shared their plans to enter the US market

President of Xiaomi, Lin Bin WSJDLive during an interview said that the company may enter the US market with their smartphones Mi Note and Mi Note Pro. However, following the example of vice-president, he was unable to give the exact date of launch.

Clearly, Xiaomi will be difficult to take a seat in the new market. First of all, companies such as Apple and Samsung have already received a huge share of the market in the United States and even aggressive pricing Xiaomi can not give the Chinese manufacturers must boost.

In addition, there is another big problem that the company may face – licensing of patents. Xiaomi has faced this problem when it first entered the Indian market, where Ericsson has sued the company for not licensing its patents for wireless phones sold in the country.

Therefore, first Xiaomi should strengthen its patent portfolio before making a start in the US market.

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