Xiaomi tightens rules unlock the bootloader

With the launch of Redmi Note 3, many began to notice that Xiaomi smartphones began to be supplied with a locked bootloader. This also applies to Xiaomi Mi4C and Mi Note Pro.

Xiaomi tightens rules unlock the bootloader

For the average user the locked bootloader is not a problem, the problem starts when you need to install custom firmware or get a free access to your Android-powered device.

Xiaomi commented that the loader lock is needed to protect users and their data. The company said that one of the reasons for the decision – malware and custom firmware installed resellers. Loader Lock makes the phone more secure, and even Nexus devices come with a locked bootloader.

The difference between the Nexus and Xiaomi is that devices will not be the last tool to unlock. For those of you who wish to get an unlocked bootloader, will have to go through several steps to complete an application and wait for up to 21 days to obtain the unlock codes. Xiaomi will manually check each application.

Of course, many would prefer to see the auto-generated code, so that users have been waiting a couple of minutes, rather than weeks, but this decision will depend on the company.

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