Xiaomi will present several devices Mi5 presentation

It seems that Xiaomi is all set to launch Xiaomi Mi5 tomorrow in China. We have all patiently waited for this event and we expect almost came to an end. The event kicks off in less than 24 hours and we will soon see one of this year’s most anticipated smartphone.

Xiaomi will present several devices Mi5 presentation

However, it seems, Mi5 may not be the only product that will meet us at the event tomorrow. According to the analyst, the Pan Dzhiyutanga, Xiaomi may announce more product at the event tomorrow.

This is possible because the event will last the whole two hours which is enough for the two products. Analyst disclose the information on his page on Weibo and said that in addition to the Xiaomi Mi5 he is looking forward to another device.

Now there are several guesses for the second product. This may be a Xiaomi Drone, renderings and photos we had seen. But given that the company’s executive director says that the drone will be announced later, we are still not quite sure.

However, it seems more likely – a new water purifier. And there is some evidence of such reasoning. Account Mi Purifier posted a new teaser that shows a product that is very similar to the cleaner.

Xiaomi will present several devices Mi5 presentation

Of course, it is possible that the company will present several devices at the conference. In any case, let’s wait for tomorrow’s event to get official information about new products.

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