Xperia Z5 has a better camera version DxOMark

DxOMark team test results are highly regarded in the industry chambers. DxOMark constantly check the quality of the cameras of smartphones, making them the top, and it seems that in the ranking has a new leader.

Xperia Z5 has a better camera version DxOMark

2015 became the year of the smartphone with a good camera. Samsung Galaxy S6 and its variations Note5. Moto X Style and the new Nexus 6P occupied high places in the rankings, overtaking previous leader’s. Galaxy S6 for a long time held the championship, but now the title is owned by Sony and its smartphone Xperia Z5. The device has overtaken rival by only one point, gaining 87 out of 100 possible.

Smartphone Xperia Z5 and its 23-megapixel camera is especially appreciated autofocus technology, which work well in all conditions. Operation at low flash illumination were listed as highlights, video stabilization and noted as one of the best on the market.

If you are looking for cons, then DxOMark note some artifacts in clear weather, and videography is not as good in low light as when shooting photos.

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