YotaPhone Manufacturing 3 ZTE’s power of attorney

From the outset, YotaPhone had an interesting concept: it was a traditional Android-smartphone with a conventional screen on the front panel, E-Ink-display on the rear of the unit. This increased battery life and makes reading on your phone more enjoyable. Unfortunately, the uniqueness of the smartphone did not help, because in spite of the campaign on Indiegogo, YotaPhone 2 was not released in North America.

YotaPhone Manufacturing 3 ZTE's power of attorney

Yota wants to change the situation with the smartphone launch YotaPhone 3 release is scheduled for Q1 2016. As reported, the company signed an agreement with the Chinese company ZTE for assistance «production of a new generation of YotaPhone smartphones, as well as the development and integration of mobile services and software». Initial production is expected cycle YotaPhone 3 100 000 units, but even so it should help us.

As of July, ZTE company got into the top 5 manufacturers in the world’s best selling smartphone, behind Samsung, Nokia, Apple, and LG.

It remains open only one question: Will the Yota to continue to use Android or switch to the Sailfish OS, according to a recent rumor.

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