YouTube expanded the list of countries with local video

Access to the localized version of YouTube is the fact that many US citizens take for granted. However, more than 80% of videos on YouTube, billions of page views per day come from users outside the United States, but still not many of these users have access to a local version of the video service.

YouTube expanded the list of countries with local video

To help remedy this situation, Google has announced that it is expanding the local versions of YouTube into seven regions. Now, people living in the Adriatic, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Belarus will receive appropriate content offered by them on the basis of their location, which makes the user experience more uniform from YouTube.

It also saves users from proposals that were not at all interested in that will help Google increase traffic.

With the new region to receive offers based on location have 85 countries, and we hope that Google will not stop at that point.

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