YouTube has a custom instrument blur

Google does not stop on the way to improve its services, adding new and popular features. This also applies to the popular video service YouTube.

YouTube has a custom instrument blur

The ability to blur the face of the building go was introduced back in 2012, but now YouTube has a new tool that allows you to wash away anything in your video, even if the subject moves. Feature, dubbed “Custom mark“ It is now available only in the desktop version of the site.

“If you want to blur sensitive information, such as license plate or cover up problems in the clothing without having to reshoot the whole scene, the new blur tool will allow you to cover objects throughout your video directly to YouTube»- The company said in a blog post.

To use the tool, first select the video you want to edit, and then select the user in the blur blur effects on improvement tools tab. Then select the object you want to blur by drawing a rectangle around it (as shown in the GIF above).

At any time you can move the feathered area, resize and choose when the spot will appear and disappear. There is also a special version of the blur that does not move at all.

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