YouTube is again accessible in Pakistan

YouTube became available in Pakistan, ending a three-year ban on the Google-owned video-portal.

YouTube is again accessible in Pakistan

The Pakistani government blocked YouTube back in 2013 in response to the scandalous video, which has been widely condemned by Muslim communities.

A US court has ordered Google to remove the film, but the company refused to remove the searches in Pakistan, and eventually completely blocked access to YouTube.

During the ban, the government discussed ways to integrate YouTube content filtering with a model that will allow the authorities independently block content that is considered unsuitable, but such installation would be contrary to YouTube.

Therefore, the content will be removed only if Google agrees to do it, although all government requests will be recorded in the biennial transparency reports.

In fact, YouTube confirmed that produced the launch of a local version of your site in Pakistan, as is done in other markets around the world.

This means that for the residents of Pakistan support is available in the native language and the content will be offered in view of the audience.

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